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Grimas Eyebrow Plastic is a transparent wax that is used for covering up eyebrows. The texture adheres to the skin well and remains elastic. 

Use the convex rounded side of the Derma Wax Spatula to take the Eyebrow Plastic out of the jar. By scraping it out, you already make the texture a bit flexible. You then make the Eyebrow Plastic easier to model by applying it to the ball of your thumb and scraping it off again with the spatula two or three times. 

Thin eyebrows: apply Eyebrow Plastic with the convex rounded side of the spatula in the direction of the eyebrow hairs, ensuring that no hairs stick out. Smooth the edges flat so that grease and moisture can not get underneath. 

Thick eyebrows: comb the eyebrows against the direction of the hairs with an eyebrow brush. Then use the brush to apply Eyebrow Plastic against the direction of the hairs, after which the brush can be used to smooth the hairs in the natural direction. Eyebrow Plastic can then be applied as per the technique for thin eyebrows.

Smooth the Eyebrow Plastic surface and edges off with your fingertips, using a little bit of Cleansing Cream. Then dab it all over with a clean Make-up Sponge. This gives a matt effect and also adds a skin-structure effect. 
If you want to work with Cake Make-up on top of this, the best thing to do is first apply a layer of Grimas Anti Shine, so that the Cake Make-up adheres properly. This is not needed for Crème Make-up Pure and Camouflage Make-up Pure. 
Powder off with Grimas Transparent Powder if necessary. 

Scrape the Eyebrow Plastic off the skin with the spatula. Then massage Grimas Multi Remover or Cleansing Cream into the skin and remove the material with a tissue. Cleanse the skin afterwards with Grimas Cleansing Lotion.

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